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Tryon Artists: 1892 - 1942

by Michael J. McCue.

Published in a numbered, limited edition of 500, in conjunction with
the 2001 exhibition at The Upstairs Gallery in Tryon, North Carolina.
Hardbound 8.5 x 11, 192 pages, 79 color and 90 black and white
illustrations. Includes exhibition checklist of 130 works exhibited, by
34 artists with portraits who worked in the artists' colony. Individual
biographies of these painters, sculptors, illustrators and fine art
photographers, plus six others who lived or sojourned in Tryon before
World War II, 37 portraits of artists.

Appendix briefly describing 30 other visual artists known to have spent time in Tryon during the period. Essay by Michael McCue, presenting an overview of Tryon's place in the cultural life of North Carolina and the nation, and suggesting why its artists' colony previously has not been recognized in the scholarly literature. He shows that it was the state's most important artists' colony for fifty years, and one of the most cosmopolitan and eclectic art communities in the South. This edition is out of print. Information about many of these artists, and illustrations of their work, is contained in Paris and Tryon available now.

George Aid
Roy Elliott Bates
Cecilia Beaux
Edward Bennett
Joseph Birren
John Sylvan Brown
Gabrielle DeV. Clements
Josephine Sibley Couper
Gertrude Spurr Cutts
Elliott Daingerfield
Robert Lincoln Denison
Laurence Doubleday
Louisa Richardson Edsall
Homer Ellertson
Edward Waldo Emerson
Emma Payne Erskine
Harold Perry Erskine
Howard Giles
J. Duncan Gleason
Anne Bosworth Greene
Jean Stansbury Holden
Margaret Law
Lawrence Mazzanovich
Margaret Morley
Diana & Anne Nash
Anna Pitkin
Ruth C. Pratt
Fred W. Reich
Louis Rowell
George B. Shepherd
William Steene
Augustus Vincent Tack
Lorado Taft
Amelia Van Buren
Eleanor Vance
Amelia Watson
Ralph Whiteside
Lois Wilcox
Madeline Yale Wynne
Other Artists

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