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Writers in the Tryon Colony: The Early Years

by Michael J. McCue.

Famous poet Sidney Lanier spent his last days in Tryon,
North Carolina in 1881. While one of the first creative
intellectuals to visit, he was far from the last. Tryon was
a popular attraction for both Southerners and Northerners
and its accessibility by rail made it a place for intellectuals
to enjoy scenic mountains and share intellectual and socially
progressive endeavors. Playwright William Gillette, Margaret
Warner Morley, Payne Erskine, Madeline Yale Wynne, Edward
Waldo Emerson, and John Burroughs are among the authors
discussed, who made Tryon a significant locale for cultural
and intellectual creativity in the years leading up to World
War I.

Illustrated, 28 pages $15.

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